Day 1, 3 May

The Sunset Walk.

Today we both arrived, separately, in St. Bees.   Mary flew to Manchester then took a train up, arriving at 547pm.  John flew to London, took a side trip to Kirkby Stephen, then took a train over to St. Bees, arriving actually last night.  Upon Mary’s arrival, after offloading her pack, we walked 8 miles.  Sunset was at 845pm, so the end of the walk was in the dark.  Too late for dinner and too tired from jet lag and walking late in the day to care, we crashed for the night.  It was a gorgeous start, walking along the bluff above the Irish Sea at sunset, chatting with the many cows and sheep along the way.  Dropped in at the Coast to Coast pub at the Manor Inn for our first pint before retiring at our comfortable lodging at the Stonehouse Farm Inn.  Perfect ending to a perfect start of a day.

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